Cable Assemblies & Connectors

  • We tailor-made any type of cable: Any length, and with any required connectors
  • All types of commercial connectors are available


  • We offer fans from dia. 40mm to dia. 120mm as standard product; others sizes upon request.

Motors and controllers

  • AC Servo motor and driver from 200W to 75kW
  • DC motor and controller from 0.3W to 1000W
  • Flat micro DC motor and controller from 0.03W to 90W
  • Gears ratio from 3.9:1 to 6285:1
  • Linear servo motors from 180mm to 900mm, custom lengths are available in incremental of 30mm (Speed 5m/s, acceleration up to 10G continuous force 10N-924N, peak force 43N-4620N)

Pumps & Valves

  • High purity 1l/min to 45l/min chemical PFA pumps, valves and fittings
  • Vacuum pumps 162l/min to 376l/min

Panel Instruments & Switches

  • Complete Power Distribution Boxes according customer specification
  • Indicator & Push button, selector switches, buzzer, pilot lamps, key lock switches, LED’s from DC 6V to 24V AC 6V to 380V.
  • Panel ampere- and voltmeter
  • Circuit breaker
  • Limit- and micro switches
  • Inductive and capacitive sensors
  • Signal towers
Pneumatic / Hydraulic

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