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Our specialists and consultants customize and implement integrated sourcing programs for high-tech business internationally


Established in 2006, United Material is an ISO 9001: 2015 certified, international acting prime contractor for sourcing, purchasing, networking, logistic and quality service in the semiconductor industry. Headquartered in Taiwan, United Material is known as a full-service design and manufacturing firm that provides quality control and visibility over the entire supply chain through customized solutions.


Our goal is to reduce costs for our clients, enhance the quality and efficiency of their business and bridge the cultural and language barriers through global procurement. Our specialists and consultants customize and implement integrated sourcing programs for high-tech business internationally. We invest in and build strong partnerships with most suitable business partners, from vendors to factories, to deliver the best value of our service.



We are a professional turnkey solution provider & a vertical integrated manufacturing contractor for semiconductor equipment manufacturers & suppliers.


A professional turnkey solution provider and a vertical integrated manufacturing contractor for Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers and other Related Industry Suppliers.


Low Unit Prices Are Just Part Of The Story

We look at overall costs, which means industrial know-how and process-orientation are crucial. We can machine, assemble and walk through inspections before delivery. In other words, we work hand in hand with our customers.

Quality Assurance Is What Makes United Material Different From Our Competitors

While quality is often overlooked by competitors due to the costs associated with this process, we are determined to provide correct quality management for our products and services. At um, we take quality assurance seriously: inspecting throughout the manufacturing process, including detailed quality control to spec verification.

Customized And Specialized

We deliver customized programs and full sourcing services in high-tech/ IT industries, such as semiconductor equipment manufacturers, general and special engineering and construction manufacturers companies specialized in Precision Engineering, Electronic & Electrical, Motion, Pneumatic/ Hydraulics, Automotive, FFU and Standard Components. With our international network & strong local multi-cultural background, our supplier expertise can refine your products and our purchasing strength can reshine and increase your revenue.

Stay Competitive For Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

Outsourcing manufacturing is almost a prerequisite for small and mid-sized companies for survival nowadays. Working with small and mid-sized companies for over a decade, we understand the growing challenges and increasing pressure you are facing. That is why, at United Material, we also offer Low Volume Contract Manufacturing Solutions, designed for small and medium sized business. With our assistance, we can bring competitive advantage to your contract manufacturing.


  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certification
  • QA & QC Expertise
  • Engineering & Design Capabilities
  • True Turnkey: Customized Integrated Solutions
  • Vendor Evaluation
  • On-time Delivery
  • Flexible Small Batch Order


  • Continental Scope from Europe to Asia
  • International Technology Hub Location
  • Multilingual and Multicultural Team: English, Mandarin and German
  • Extensive and Reliable Vendor Network
  • One Stop Purchasing with Competitive Pricing
  • Win-Win Partnership

As Contract Manufacturing has become an essential part of cost-efficient production for many businesses, United Material strives to satisfy customers worldwide that their contract manufactured needs will be delivered on time and to the specifications.


With our decades of experience as an overseas contract manufacturer, we understand the challenges that come along with it. With our proven manufacturing process and integrated global supply chain solution, we can meet all your unique demands and strict requirements. With our expert multilingual team, we will be able to help you bring your concepts and designs into reality, no matter where you are.


To make your global outsourcing a success, we carefully select the industry leaders to work with to provide the best supply chain management possible, and to excellent oversea inspection, production, pre-shipment and quality assurance. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce production and operation costs while providing quality products and fast production cycles.




International Technology Hub

United Material is headquartered in Taiwan, a country in the western Pacific Ocean astride the Tropic of Cancer, neighboring China, Japan and Korea. Situated in the middle of Southeast Asia, our unique location has allowed us to have an easy and direct access to all major cities of the world and to reach all the important technology hubs in Asia.



With an additional office in Villach, Austria, United Material is able to provide professional and timely service from Asia to Europe. With our international network & strong multi-cultural backgrounds, our supplier management expertise can refine your products and minimize the risks of contract manufacturing, leaving you with peace of mind.

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